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Some of our services have temporarily stopped or changed. See our Changes to Council services page for services’ status and our Coronavirus updates section for latest information.

Council Performance

Performance management is crucial to ensure the Council is delivering the best that we can for our borough residents and visitors. We understand that our taxpayers expect the Council to deliver its key priorities and day to day services in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The Council’s performance is reported to Cabinet on a quarterly basis. These reports include updates on our political priorities (our annual list of community projects/priorities) and present how we are performing against our key performance targets. We also produce a six monthly report for Audit & Governance Committee.

Copies of these reports can be located within the relevant committee minutes on our democracy database.

Annual Report

The annual report summarises the Council's performance and its intentions for the coming year. The Annual Report provides a useful summary of Council performance and financial information in an easy to read format.

Local Government Association (LGA) Peer Challenge Report and Recommendations

During October 2016 the Local Government Association conducted an on-site Peer Challenge assessment of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, which looked at how well the council is performing across five main areas of activity.

This assessment was provided free of charge by the LGA, of which Tunbridge Wells Borough Council is a Member, and their subsequent report on the assessment, and the recommendations for improvement they have made to us is now available below.

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