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Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We report annually to Government on the greenhouse gas emissions from council-owned buildings and vehicles and our services. You can download our annual greenhouse gas emissions report from this page and read our plans to reduce these emissions. Reports are published by 31st July each year.

What is included in the greenhouse gas emissions report?

In 2013-14, we have reported direct emissions from gas and fuel consumption in council owned and operated buildings, vehicles and generators (classified as scope 1), and indirect emissions from the consumption of purchased electricity (scope 2). Fugitive emissions, from air conditioning and refrigeration leaks, are not reported as this data was not available and accounts for a very small proportion of overall emissions. Wherever possible we have also reported our scope 3 indirect emissions, which currently relate to business travel and the transmission and distribution of UK electricity consumed by the council.

What are we doing to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions?

The Carbon Management Plan 2010-2015 sets a target to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from our buildings and operations by at least 25% by 2015. It shows how we aim to achieve this through a combination of investing in energy efficiency measures, policy alignment and developing a culture of energy saving. You can see the progress we are making in the annual greenhouse gas emissions report.

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