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Plans & Strategies

Like all local authorities we have numerous plans and strategies to help us deliver our Vision, our Corporate Objectives and maintain a listing of the Borough Council's major strategic documents.

In planning, prioritising and implementing its policies Tunbridge Wells Borough Council holds the following vision:

  To help everyone in Tunbridge Wells to Love Where They Live

and values:

  That the council, and all those who work for it or are elected to govern it, will show Respect, Openness, Aspiration and Responsibility in all that they say and do

By upholding these values we believe that we can improve the quality of life of our citizens and have pride in our borough and in our achievements:

  • A commitment to probity in all our affairs
  • Belief in the value of local democracy and of open and accessible local government
  • Belief that people matter more than anything else and that honesty and openness are the best ways of demonstrating this
  • Belief in the importance of partnerships - both within the organisation, between Councillors and staff, and with the community we serve
  • Care and respect for those we serve and a responsiveness to their needs, particularly those who may lack resources or face disadvantage
  • Concern for economy, efficiency and effectiveness in providing high quality, value for money services which meet community needs in a changing environment
  • Belief that through our efforts the quality of life of our communities and of our visitors will be improved
  • Enthusiasm for beneficial change
  • Concern for a healthy and sustainable environment in all our decisions

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