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About your Bill

How your bill is calculated

Your Council Tax is calculated using three things:

A full Council Tax bill is based on at least two adults living in a home. If you count as an adult for Council Tax and live on your own, you’ll get 25% off your bill. To qualify for a single occupancy discount, the property has to be your sole or main residence.

If a property is empty and unfurnished and no-one is living there you will need to pay the full charge. Single occupancy discount does not apply to an empty property, there is no discount at all for an empty property. For properties which have been empty for more than 2 years and currently pay the full charge, a premium of 100% will be payable in addition to the standard Council Tax charge.

You may also get a discount if you live with people who don’t count as adults for Council Tax.

The following people are not counted as adults for Council Tax:

  • Full time students, student nurses, apprentices and YT trainees (evidence of undertaking a full time course will be required)
  • Non-British spouses of students
  • People living permanently in Care Homes or Hospitals
  • People who are severely mentally impaired
  • People in hostels for the homeless or night shelters
  • 18 and 19 year olds who are at or have just left school or college, or in respect of whom child benefit is payable
  • Care workers working for low pay (usually charities)
  • People caring for someone with a disability who is not their spouse, partner or child under 18
  • Members (and dependants) of International headquarters and Defence organisations
  • Members (and Dependants) of visiting forces
  • People with diplomatic privilege or immunity
  • Members of religious communities
  • People in prison (unless this is for not paying Council Tax or a fine)

If you think you should get a discount and it is not shown on your bill, let us know

How your bill is divided

Normally your Council Tax bill will be divided into 10 monthly instalments which will be due on the first of the month.

If you want to change the frequency of your Council Tax payments please complete our online form to request this.

Council Tax can be paid by:

  • 10 Monthly Instalments
  • 12 Monthly Instalments
  • 52 Weekly Instalments
  • 26 Fortnightly Instalments
  • 2 Half Yearly Instalments
  • 1 Annual Instalment

Please note instalments can only be divided up until the end of the financial year, 31 March

What your Council Tax pays for

Most of the Council Tax we collect from you is used for services that are provided by Kent County Council, Kent Police and Crime Commissioner and Kent Fire & Rescue Service plus some is used by the parish and town councils.

Find out about the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner precept increases for 2019/20 in the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner website.

Only 10 per cent of what you pay is used to fund borough council services, which is 49p per day.

Find out more about the services your Council Tax pays for in our Council Tax 2019-20 guide

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