The Council has enacted its business continuity plans and is redeploying staff to priority services. Please check our Coronavirus updates page for the latest information about Council services.


Find the Council on Facebook several of our services have active online communities you can join and follow.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

Follow the council on Facebook

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council on Facebook

Assembly Hall Theatre

This is the theatre’s own page with news and competitions about forthcoming acts and performances.

The Assembly Hall on Facebook

Love Where We Live

The council’s community project to celebrate, respect and value the best of Tunbridge Wells

Love Where We Live on Facebook

The Mayor of Tunbridge Wells

This is the Mayor’s own Facebook page, look out for pictures and updates.

The Mayor on Facebook

Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery

This is the museum and art gallery’s page featuring news and updates on forthcoming exhibitions.

Tunbridge Wells Museum on Facebook

Camden Centre

Find out what is going on at the Camden centre.

Camden Centre on Facebook

TN2 Community Centre

Find out what is going on at the TN2 community centre.

TN2 on Facebook

Tunbridge Wells Health

This page is managed by the TWBC Communities and Health team, it has content about health groups, sports events and more.

Tunbridge Wells Health on Facebook

Tunbridge Wells CSU

This page has news about Community Safety in Tunbridge Wells.

The CSU on Facebook

Tunbridge Wells Farmers Market

This lively market serves to provide the local community with fresh, local produce.

Tunbridge Wells Farmers Market

The Tunbridge Wells Borough Council social media accounts are managed by officers of the Council who will abide by our Social Media Service Standards at all times.

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