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White Lines - Vehicle Access Markings

What are white lines?

White Lines are painted onto the road to draw attention to a driveway they are also known as Vehicle Access Markings (VAM), H bars or Dog Bones. These markings are advisory only and have no legal standing.

Vehicle Access Marking Vehicle Access Marking

The white lines will cover the extent of the dropped kerb from the point where the kerbs start sloping down.

Please note it is only possible to have white lines installed where a Kent County Council (KCC) approved dropped kerb and vehicle crossover is already in place. There must also be a legitimate vehicular access with evidence of its need.  Should a vehicle access no longer be used for its intended purpose, the markings will be removed.

An approved dropped kerb is dropped from the normal height and the path is strengthened to take the weight of the vehicle. Without this, the path and any pipes that are buried below it could be damaged.

Who can apply?

The resident or owner of a property can apply for a Vehicle Access Marking to be installed if there is a Kent County Council approved dropped kerb and footway/verge crossover. If in doubt about this, we will check compliance with the County Council.

We will not accept an application for a Vehicle Access Marking where double yellow lines are already in place.

If the marking is to cover more than one access, the written consent of the owner of the second access will be required. As applicant, you will be responsible for all costs.

Costs and payment

The total cost for installing a new Vehicle Access Marking is £200 based on a single width driveway, which is made up of:

  • £100 administration fee
  • £100 installation fee

The total fee will be charged on application and if an application is refused the £100 installation fee will be refunded.

If your driveway is longer than a single width or the line will extend across more than one driveway please contact us to discuss costs.

If your white line needs repainting because its worn and unclear, the cost to have a line repainted is £80

Are these markings enforced?

Vehicle Access Markings are a nationally recognised marking to highlight the presence of a driveway and have no legal standing.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council's Civil Enforcement Officers do not issue Penalty Charge Notices to vehicles which have parked over a Vehicle Access Marking.

Where a vehicle is parked causing an obstruction to a driveway or an entrance to any premises, and you are unable to find the driver or owner to politely request that it be moved, you may contact the police on 101. The Police's response will depend on the degree of danger to public safety and their incident demand.

To cause an obstruction there must be a dropped kerb and/or an access road. If there is not a dropped kerb or access road, there is no implied right to leave or enter a road over the pavement.


Applications can be made online, to complete the application you will need to be named on the Council Tax account for your property or have proof of residency available to upload and you will need to be able to pay the application fee of £200.

Where the Vehicle Access Making will extend over more than one driveway you will also need written permission from the owner of the second property.

Repaint Existing Markings

If your white line needs repainting because its worn and unclear, please complete our application form to request a repaint.

The cost to have a line repainted is £80

Contact us

If you have any questions about applying for a vehicle access marking please contact our parking team

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