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Planning Support Services


From Monday 4 July 2016 the Planning team will be supported by an in house team based in Tunbridge Wells rather than the Mid Kent Planning Support team

The Mid Kent Planning Support team was created on 2 June 2014 and brought together parts of the Planning Departments at Maidstone, Swale and Tunbridge Wells. Local Land Charges will remain a three way shared service after 4 July 2016.


The Planning Support Team is based at the Town Hall. You can contact them by emailing, or writing to

Planning Support
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Mount Pleasant Road
Royal Tunbridge Wells

The planning department at each authority, is made up of many different teams and the service brought together the:

  • Admin
  • Land Charges
  • Scanning
  • Validation and
  • Technical Teams

The planning officers remain based at Maidstone, Swale and Tunbridge Wells and will continue to make decisions on applications within their respective boroughs.


There are a number of reasons why an application may be held up. The most common ones are:

  • Not adding a Scale Bar to the application
  • Plans that have do not scale on them
  • Supporting documents not having the information asked for in the guidance notes
  • Differences between elevations and the floor plans
  • Description of the development being wrong
  • Plans not being drawn to a recognised scale

Please include a Scale Bar on all plans included in your application. The Planning Portal includes advice about maps and plans for planning applications

Scale Bar
Please include a Scale Bar on all plans included in your application. The Planning Portal includes advice about maps and plans for planning applications.

Before making an application read our Validation Checklist and Guidance Notes.

What is it?
From Tuesday 5 May 2015 our validations checklist will be used alongside the national requirements to validate planning applications. It forms part of the application process, confirming what is required to validate and process an application. It also includes additional guidance which will help prevent unnecessary delays or refusals.

Why have it?The checklist tells you what we need to process and validate an application up front. By having all of the necessary documents when you first make the application, we'll be able to make quicker and better decisions, preventing unnecessary delays and/or refusals.

However, in the short term the numbers of invalid applications is likely to increase. We'll be working with developers and agents to try to make sure that this is kept to a minimum. Invalid applications aren't helpful to anyone as they take a longer than valid applications to register.

As regulations change we may need to make changes to our checklist. Any changes will go out to consultation and we'd love to hear back from you. Details of any consultations will be posted on this page.

Over 80% of applications are validated within five working days. We'll confirm if your application is valid or not within those five working days. If you don't hear from us within 10 working days please contact us as there may be a problem with registering your application.

Central government say that we should be dealing with applications in eight weeks (for minor applications) and 13 weeks (for major applications) from the date an application is validated.

The easiest way to make payment is through our secure payments website.

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