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Report an Abandoned Vehicle

Before you start

If a vehicle is in poor condition or out of tax, that doesn't always mean it's abandoned.

Before reporting a possible abandoned vehicle, please check:

  1. The vehicle has not moved for a minimum of four weeks, and
  2. The vehicle shows signs of abandonment such as four or more of the following:
    • Not Taxed (you can check if a vehicle is un taxed on
    • Doors Open or unlocked
    • Flat tyres
    • Missing wheels
    • Windows open
    • Windows broken
    • Burnt out
    • Rusty brake discs
    • Contains waste
    • Significant damage
    • Mould on the inside
    • Covered in tree sap or mould
    • Missing one or more number plates
    • Build up of litter, weeds, or debris under the vehicle
    • Build up of debris under the wiper blades
    • Wiper blades stuck to the windscreen
    • No Registered keeper
    • Multiple parking tickets on the windscreen
    • Fuel filler cap open or missing

Please note that a vehicle that moves location on a road (even infrequently) is not abandoned

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