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Planning consultations

Retail, Leisure and Town Centre Uses Study

The Council has commissioned Nexus Planning, (in partnership with Aspinall Verdi and Durlings)  to produce a comprehensive Retail, Leisure and Town Centre Uses study to shape future thinking about the town centres within the borough.

The study will inform the strategy within the emerging Local Plan which sets out the vision, and development priorities for the borough over the next 15+ years.

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Council Tax consultations

Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Council Tax reduction provides help for people on low incomes by reducing the amount of Council Tax payable.

Currently there are nearly 3,000 working age residents in receipt of Council Tax reduction.

The maximum reduction awarded is 80%. We are currently consulting on proposed changes to the scheme.

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Budget consultations

Help set the budget for 2021/22

The covid pandemic restrictions have caused a significant reduction in council income from Parking, the Assembly Hall Theatre and many other services provided by the council.

We would be very grateful for your ideas on how you feel the Council could generate more income or save some costs.

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Housing consultations

Private Sector Housing Enforcement Policy consultation

Our present policy needs updating as the range of powers available to improve private housing have increased.

This updated version will be considered by Cabinet for approval in December 2020, but prior to that, we’d like to hear your views, in particular if you are a landlord, managing agent or a tenant.

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Licensing consultations

Draft Statement of Licensing Policy 2021-2026

You are invited  to read the draft policy and feedback any comments you wish to make, so that they can be taken into consideration at the Licensing Committee on 1 December 2020 for inclusion in the final draft which will be presented to Full Council for ratification on the 16 December 2020, and becomes policy.

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