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Help set the budget for 2021/22

The covid pandemic restrictions have caused a significant reduction in council income from Parking, the Assembly Hall Theatre and many other services provided by the council. This is of particular significance as the council no longer receives any grant funding from Government.

We are currently forecasting a budget deficit of £3,564,000 for 2021/22, but are statutorily required to balance our budget. We would therefore be very grateful for your ideas on how you feel the Council could generate more income or save some costs.  There are still many uncertainties around the performance of the economy as it tentatively recovers from lockdown and we must be prepared to make decisions around our provision of service, should there be the need.

We’re keen to hear from as many residents as possible, as well as businesses and interest groups, so please send your views to:

Jane Fineman
Head of Finance, Procurement & Parking

using the email address: