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Transparency on spend

You can search financial records on our Open Data portal, making it easy to see where the Council spends taxpayer's money.

Financial records held on the portal include:

Payments over £250

We have published items of spending over £500 since April 2010 and items of spending over £250 from June 2012.

The list includes payments for:

  • goods and services
  • grants to third party providers and expenses

Exclusions from the list include the following items (not exhaustive):

  • banking investments
  • parish precepts
  • election staff payment
  • refunds
  • member allowances
  • payments relating to employee remuneration
  • payments relating to benefits and homelessness payments

Certain payments, for example to private individuals, have been redacted under the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts.

Payments made with Council purchasing cards

The government's transparency agenda encourages local authorities to make public data openly available, as part of this items of spending via our purchase cards are published.

Certain data may be redacted to comply with the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts.

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Potential interest and charges liable on invoices not paid within 30 days

Quarter 1 £196.83  
Quarter 2 £236.13  
Quarter 3 £756.00  
Quarter 4 £567.22