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Draft Local Plan

The Draft Local Plan sets out the Borough Council's proposed strategy for the future development of the borough, the site allocations that relate to this and the relevant policies against which future planning applications will be assessed.

The Draft Local Plan was consulted on from 20 September to 15 November 2019 to give residents, businesses and others the opportunity to contribute to the plan-making process and to comment on the details of the proposals and policies.

An eight-page summary leaflet was published, providing an overview of the Draft Local Plan and the consultation arrangements.

We held a series of exhibitions between Saturday 21 September and Friday 4 October for interested people to drop in and find out more about the Draft Local Plan. The exhibition boards as presented at each venue can be viewed below.

The Draft Local Plan follows from consideration of comments made to the earlier Issues and Options document, extensive evidence work set out in Supporting Documents and a Sustainability Appraisal, which was also consulted on at the same time as the Draft Local Plan.

All comments received during the consultation period will be considered and will be used to inform the final 'Pre-Submission' version of the Local Plan. That will also be published to enable representations ahead of an independent examination of the Local Plan.

Links on this page to the Draft Local Plan will take you to an online version of the document in an accessible format. If you would like a copy of the document in a PDF format (non-accessible) this can be found in the key documents folder below.